Mácha Lake

Would you like to go on holiday to a place that is very popular in our country? Mácha Lake is a holiday for everyone. We offer here accommodation Cottage, which is located in Staré Splavy in the settlement Elite. It's very beautiful here.

The village is located in a pine forest, where Mácha Lake is a 15-minute walk away. Our chalets are four-bedded equipped with fridge. TOILETS and showers can be found in the communal camp. There is also a restaurant and a dining room, and half-board can be paid for the accommodation.

Beautiful holiday

Mácha Lake is a place where hundreds of holidaymakers return every year. There's plenty of fun for everyone. There are both children and adults, athletes, dancers, lovers of excursions and especially swimming. You can ride a steamhorse, which is an unforgettable experience.

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